Bison Run Phase 2 Update

On Monday, November 30th, Landmark Planning, on behalf of Qualico Communities, hosted a virtual public engagement event in regards to Phase 2 in Bison Run. Below you can view the entire presentation with narration or download this file to read through.

Bison Run Phase 2 FAQs

How do I secure a lot in Phase 2?

All lots are purchased directly from the participating builder of your choosing. There has been a lot of interest in this neighbourhood and we are encouraging interested home buyers to contact a builder and ask to be placed on one of their wait lists as soon as they are able. You can see our full list of participating builders here:

Can I purchase a lot directly from Qualico Communities and use my own builder?

No. All lots must be purchased from one of our participating custom or premium builders. There are no exceptions.

What type of commercial development is intended for the parcels along Frontier Drive? Why is commercial development being considered within this neighbourhood since it already has proximity to the commercial centre in Bridgwater?

The intent of the commercial zone for Phase 2 is to serve the immediate community, providing day-to-day services and amenities. The commercial centre in Bridgwater will be outside of a reasonable walking distance for residents who will live in this part of the Bison Run neighbourhood. At this point we cannot speak to the specifics as to what these services will be as those details have not been finalized. 

I am interested in commercial opportunities for Phase 2, who do I contact?

Plans for commercial opportunities are still underway however we do anticipate it will be entirely leasing opportunities. Please contact for more information.

What size of single-family dwellings will be permitted?

There will be varied lot sizes included within the development area. Lots that back onto retention ponds will likely be larger, whereas lots that back onto collector roads and serviced by laneways will likely be narrower.

What kinds of multifamily can people expect for Phase 2?

A medium density designation in the Neighbourhood B Secondary Plan allows a variety of housing types, which could include row homes, town homes, and multistorey residential buildings. 3 and 4 storey buildings are anticipated, but up to 6 storeys would be permitted in certain zones.

How will Phase 2 affect the existing temporary community garden?

Where the community garden is located is a temporary location on Qualico Communities owned land. This will not be impacted by Phase 2, however the location will be impacted in future phases of development.

When will the extension of Joe Keeper Way be completed?

An exact date of completion has not been set, however Joe Keeper Way to Kenaston Boulevard is proposed as part of Phase 2.

Is the future Bison Drive extension going to be coming from Kenaston Boulevard or Waverley Street?

The future Bison Drive is expected to extend from Kenaston Boulevard to Frontier Drive.

Do you have a date for the Bison Drive extension to be finished?

No, however there is a requirement as part of Phase 1 that the Bison Drive extension as far as Frontier Drive, be in place when the school site opens, potentially next Autumn.

In which area of Neighbourhood B will Phase 3 occur?

Phase 3 could happen in several different areas but has not been planned. When there is a plan for Phase 3, area residents and stakeholders will be notified in a similar fashion to Phases 1 and 2.