Building New in Bison Run

Building new is an exciting prospect because you get to showcase your individual taste, check off your wish list and create a home that functions around the way you want to live now.

Where to Start

Start with choosing your builder as ALL lots in the community are ONLY sold through one of our participating builders. Demand for this community is outpacing how quickly lots can be released and all our participating builders have waitlists of eager home buyers. Your first step will be determining which builder makes most sense for your vision and budget and getting your name on their wait list today!

Choosing Your Builder

While we have 9 participating builders within the community there are two main categories of builders. If you can determine the right builder category, you will narrow down your list and save yourself time and energy researching builders. 

Premium Home Builders

Premium homes typically start at $400,000 for the lot and build. Lots range in size from 30 – 40 feet with a mix of front drive, rear lane, and park lots. Bungalows start at 1,100 square feet and two storey homes start at 1,500 square feet.

Custom Home Builders

Custom homes typically start at $600,000 for the lot and build. Lots range in size from 44 – 52 feet with a mix of interior, park walk out and lake walkout lots. Bungalows start at 1,500 square feet and two storey homes start at 1,700 square feet.

Meet with Several Builders

Contact a builder by phone or explore their websites to get an idea of which builders may be a good fit. An in-person visit can be even better, as it gives you a chance to speak to an agent directly. While show homes in Bison Run are not yet open, all our builders have show homes open year-round in other communities.

Visit Show Homes

While show homes in Bison Run are not yet open, all of our participating builders do have show homes open year-round in other, nearby communities. Contact the builder’s agent directly to book a time to walk through one of their show homes and talk to them in more detail about plans, pricing, timelines and more. Show homes in Bison Run are expected to open in Fall 2022. 

Architectural Standards

While you can visit show homes in other communities it is important to note that the architectural standards for Bison Run are unique to the community. Architectural standards play an important role in the overall vision and design of the community. As a new homeowner these standards give you the peace of mind to know that not only will your own home be gorgeous, you will be living on a well designed street and neighbourhood that flows cohesively. These guidelines do impact the size and style of your new home build and are important to understand when you begin planning with your builder.

Download Architectural Guidelines

What Happens Next

Contact the builder of your choice and ask to be put on their waitlist for future lot releases. You can also sign-up for community updates on upcoming plans and timelines for this exciting new neighbourhood.