Home Styles

Premium Homes

A Premium Home maximizes value by offering a selection of pre-defined home plans, streamlining the decision-making process for buyers who want a new home. Premium lots range in size from 30-foot laned lots to 40-foot walkouts with home sizes starting at 1,100 square feet. In Bison Run you can choose from three premium builders to build your home with.

Custom Homes

A Custom Home provides the opportunity to tailor your home’s layout and features, from start to finish for a truly custom home. Custom lots range in size from 44-foot interior lots to 52-foot walkout lots with home sizes starting at 1,500 square feet. In Bison run you can choose from six custom builders to build your home with.

Custom Home Photo

Architectural Vision in Bison Run

Architectural Guidelines have been designed for Bison Run to ensure a cohesive design standard across all housing types and styles. Make sure to review these guidelines and discuss them with your home builder when designing your dream home.

Mult Family Homes


Bison Run will offer a variety of multifamily options, from walk-up townhomes to apartment style condos and rentals. Plans are still underway but sign-up for updates if you are interested in learning more as plans progress in this new community.